Focused work

Focused work

In distracted world focused work becomes rare, therefore even more appreciated and valued. It is not easy, but there are good news for you. Keep reading to find out how you can take your focus to the next level for super-performance.

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4 step method to help you decide if you should call a meeting

It’s truly life-changing once we start to honor our time and stop wasting it on activities that serve us very little. One of those activities are meetings. If you’re a coach who is on their way to level up, communication with your team is your daily necessity. However, there is a big difference between time well spend and time well wasted.

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Planning liberation blog article agnese rudzate productivity business systems

How to make planning Liberating instead of Restricting?

We all plan, like it or not. We plan our meals for the day, we plan our vacations etc.
The frustration comes in when things don’t go as planned. Instead of looking for different options we tend to “quit” and say we prefer to “go with the flow”.
But let me show you how planning can be liberating not restricting.

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Delegate the right way Agnese Rudzate productivity strategist mentor coach

How to Delegate the right way

Delegation can take many different forms, and each option depends on your business and your needs.
To avoid my trial and error along the way I want to introduce you to a couple of points to take into consideration when planning to delegate and help you to figure out what is best to outsource.
Delegation requires trust plus it is even harder to build trust when you’re overloaded. Delegate the right way when implementing these tips.

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Agnese Rudzate Productivity Strategist 20 fun facts about me

20 fun facts about me

It’s time to get more open and reveille some facts about myself just for fun and because I wanted to challenge myself to see if I can even come up with 5 facts worth sharing.
Some of the things you might already know, some will be new and others… I’ll let you judge for yourself.
Either way, I hope this takes your mind off your to-do tasks for a moment and lets you switch off the brain.
So, I say we get to know each other a whole lot better, shall we?

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Working less blog post Agnese Rudzate productivity strategist

Are you scared of working LESS?

I believe I’m not the only one who has been conditioned to think that the harder I work the more money I will make, the harder I work, the more successful I will be, the harder I work, the more worthy I will be, the harder I work, the more appreciated I will be and so on….
How to change that make working less do you a favour.

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Eliminate before Deligate video blog Agnese Rudzate productivity coach for business owners

[VIDEO] Eliminate before you delegate

By delegating unimportant tasks you waste your money and someone else’s time.
Watch my video where I explain the importance of eliminating unimportant tasks for wellbeing of your business and delegating only important, well-defined tasks for to not only scale your business but save time and money while doing that.

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Agnese Rudzate blog posts 9-5 illusion productivity organizing focus

9-5 Illusion

Stepping out of society’s framework to take your own way.
Things like:
– How much should I be working?
– What is the best way to plan my day?
– With what to start?
are all valid questions, concerns and accusing patterns that block potential. You don’t need 8 hours. Society needs you to work 8 hours so they can approve of you. Dare to challenge yourself and step outside your 9-5 mindset.

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5 ways to keep life and business simple Agnese Rudzate Coaching Productivity for business owners Blog

5 ways to keep life and business simple

Increased happiness and income from simplifying things.
When distractions cut down on your productivity it’s easy to get overwhelmed and switch focus on unimportant tasks and start consuming more than creating. This is when SIMPLE moves away and COMPLICATED comes in giving you more of what you don’t need – frustration.

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7 habits that wastes your time Agnese Rudzate productivity organizing coaching Freedom Business Formula

7 habits that wastes your time

Have you fell like time is running faster than usual and by the end of the day you have achieved close to nothing? Learn how to create more time to do things that bring results.
Set yourself up for success by eliminating these 7 time wasters and you may find you have more time than you realize.

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Productivity coach vs Business Agnese Rudzate freedom business formula

Productivity coach instead of Business coach

How to choose which one is better for you and your business growth?
No doubt that any coaching is designed to get better results. Coach is someone who helps you get past roadblocks and tackles weak links to fix them for greater profits. But most people think that business coaching are the only way to make you more successful. And while it’s proven to help grow businesses, it’s not always the best option. Let me explain.

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Agnese Rudzate business productivity blog post tackle your distraction to gain back your focus

Tackle your distractions to gain back your focus

We live in a century of connection. While it is quite handy to use different platforms to connect with people form all over, this is also how we get distracted way too often. It is harder than ever to keep focus on assignment and stay committed to the task without letting outside world distract us. Not even mentioning that out inner world takes a great deal in all this and keeps us stuck.

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Vicki Chisholm productivity Agnese rudzate

[INTERVIEW] Rachael Jencks secrets to productivity

She is a Productivity Coach for Women Coaches. Went to school for a long time to become and Attorney and CPA to realize that she did not want to be tied to a desk because she wanted to have the flexibility to work while she chased after her kids. She now helps other women increase productivity and profit in their dream businesses. She practices Productive Action which allows her and her clients to work less and get more done.

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Agnese Rudzate business productivity blog post to-don't list

To-don’t list for productivity super-boost

All different circumstances that we have, believes that we have grown up with, influences that we are following, new habits we are adopting….all that is shaping our reality. That reality consist of things we do and things we don’t do. How to choose what is write? How to know what actions to take and what to leave behind?
In todays world with information overload, thousand of suggestions to do more and more things, I think it is time to make an inventory and really start doing LESS.

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Agnese rudzate business productivity working from home office feelings

Do you need an office to be productive?

People perform best when they have flexibility but not total freedom and lack of structure. Work from home with designated working place is perfect to not only increase productivity, but also have ability to create your schedule according to yours and your families needs.
Although as service based business owners we have a luxury of working from pretty much anywhere in the world, to be really productive, the space where you do your most valuable work is important.

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Work from home Agnese Rudzate organizing thriving business

Work efficiently, even when everyone’s at home..

While many of you have been working form home before, things still might be quite different for one reason – all your family is at home with you! That might be something new, so now you have to adapt and be able to work while everyone’s at home.. Meaning, you have to make sure they are allowing you to work, you have to find time for them and for yourself as well. So let me give you couple of suggestions on how to work more efficiently from home..

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Freedom Business formula online course Agnese Rudzate coaching

How to make more time in a day while running a thriving business?

Million dollar question, isn’t it?
I might have just the answer for that.
You see, in the world where everyone wants MORE, I’m all about choosing LESS – less distractions, less on my plate, less stress and overwhelm, less hustle and wondering around and trying to figure what works.
Instead I follow my mentors advices and use proven methods to not waste any time, get work done effectively and being able to enjoy afternoon tea on a balcony with my family.

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Blog Rich vs Wealthy Agnese Rudzate business online coach

Rich Vs. Wealthy

Which path to choose? We all have our unique way of reaching goals. How quick, efficient we can achieve what we most desire depends on one thing only – our mindset. It’s a tricky thing, but once you look deeper, you will notice that our mind leads the way. So it is only up to you what to choose – rich or wealthy.

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Get organized to save money Learn how highly disorganisation in your personal space affects your financial situation and learn solutions on how to turn that around.

Get organized to save money

Learn how highly disorganisation in your personal space affects your financial situation and learn solutions on how to turn that around.
Improve your financial situation by getting more organized, because our personal space reflects on our life, like does our thoughts and actions, so let’s make it count and create that life we want!

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Agnese Rudzate blog simple tips to gain mental clarity

Simple tips to help you gain mental clarity

How to get rid off worries and brain fog to welcome peace of mind, gather thoughts and think straight.
If you feel like your brain is too full of random stuff and you have no mental clarity,you can’t gather your thoughts because you’re constantly worried, ending up in this mental fog when you need your brain the most, too much clutter keeps you from thinking straight then this article will be of great use to you. Keep reading to find the right solution to declutter your mind, get back to your HAPPY place and stay there.

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my lightbulb photo blog posts photo agnese rudzate clarity

My lightbulb moment *Personal

How come that some lightbulbs hits you like a rock while others seem to never arrive.
This as a story about my lightbulb moment. I have to say that I always wished for a miracle, some sudden falling start to come upon and enlighten me. For so many years it just didn’t happen. Actually.. it still hasn’t happened…in a way that I was expecting it to happen – with sudden/ out of nowhere realisation.

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