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Hi, I'm Agnese


I appreciate you showing up and I am super exited that you are ready to bring your business and life to the next level with less working hours, more time freedom and better structure that eliminates overwhelm. 

BUT FIRST... let me tell you my story

For a good third of my life I was struggling to figure out my mission, my “big purpose in life“.  I always had this “feeling” inside that there is more, that there has to be more. I have to admit that I was giving in to the pressure of having it all figured out by certain age. What a BS that was! I know it now, but back then it felt like I am just following, trying out different things, but not because I really wanted to, but because I was following someone else’s advice,  suggestion, guidance and not really listening to myself. So to say in short, I was a follower not a leader of my own life. 

There came a time when it was enough… enough of living someone else’s life, following someone else’s dreams, enough of going with the flow…

At that moment I new I needed a plan. Something set in stone to follow and keep me on track, so I could get where I wanted to be. What I did was something very simple – I started to educate myself. You probably have noticed that internet is full of endless opportunities!! So I was about to take an advantage of this tech and overwhelming information amount age to take in and dig through everything that came my way until something hits. AND IT DID!

This happened when I started to look inside: inside my home, inside my life, inside my work and mind. I became more self aware and realised my superpowers and was dedicated to use them to serve others that could benefit.

What is my superpower? ORGANIZING of course : )

How do I know this? I took a test. I had to answer bunch of questions about personality traits, habits, lifestyle just to find out what has been in front of the the whole time.  This is also when I realized the importance of coaching. Sometimes all we need is for someone to help us take the next step, push us into the right direction, guide through plateaus just to get out of our own head and start scaling big time. 

As I continued my research, personal growth and evaluated my past experiences, I started to see a pattern and proof once again that time is the most valuable thing – you can never get it back!  It is truly amazing how how little can be achieved in lack of structure and how much can be achieved in little time thanks to focused action. Thats all you need to work LESS and earn MORE. 

Being organized definitely comes in handy when practicing what I preach. However after a while I have developed a system that can be applied to any business owner to acheive more in less time – produce maximum output in minimum effort that  generates higher income.

How To Organize Anything

This FREE audio training will help your house become organized on your own terms – you deserve home where you feel at ease so you can boost your productivity to yet unreached hight. 

LESS & SIMPLE gives you MORE

With years of experience as certified quality manager working in a 40+ employee company, I have gained insight, skills, knowledge and confidence in creating, maintaining and implementing structure, organization and processes that bring RESULTS.

After leaving my 9 to 5 job, I became entrepreneur with dream to build the life and business I love on my own terms. And that dreams has become a reality!

All my knowledge is yours and as a professional, I keep growing, learning and evolving so my clients can grow with me.

During my work experience I have witnessed the power of time and had always been curious of to how to make the time serve us instead of becoming it’s slaves.

I have turned  my passion of organization, structure, time-management in to my mission: help women business owners use their time wisely, so they have abundance of it to spend however they please while significantly increasing business profit. 

It is my dream for every women to work less while increasing income every. single. day.


So let’s not waist anymore time and get you on that train that will lead you where you most want to be, because I know way too well that that light inside you is just bursting to come out and shine. I also know that it is what’s scares you the most…

If you feel this way or similar, you know deep in your heart, that IT IS TIME to get out of your comfort zone and get your life sorted. Believe when I say that I feel you, because I was there as well. I know the feeling way too well to know that it is also possible to feel different. To feel:


Trust me when I say CLARITY = POWER.

How did I learn this stuff? By doing it. My training comes from the good old school of life and business.

CALM mind achieves more

Clarity Abundance Meditations

Increase your productivity with these 10 guided meditation tracks that are carefully crafted to restore your mind to a state of balance, harmony and clarity.

I believe that life is about FREEDOM – time, location and financial, and I want my clients to have all 3!

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