By delegating unimportant tasks you waste your money + someone else’s time.

This simple action will set you free from unnecessary, unimportant and badly-defined tasks that shouldn’t be done in the first place, because they not only waste your time, but also your money.


"Eliminate before you delegate to save time and money." - Agnese Rudzate

If you have ever been given weird tasks, unimportant work, illogical assignments, you understand when I say that it’s not fun, productive or motivating. Quite the opposite – boring and complete waste of your time, knowledge and experience that could be used to bring real tangible results to the company instead.

As a leader it’s your job to show you know better. Be sure to use delegation to grow your business rather than as excuse to create more movement without clear results.

Watch my video where I talk about the importance of eliminating before delegating.

How about you? Are you assigning important useful work that not only saves you time, money, but also brings results?

I would love to hear your experience with delegation and how it has affected your business profits and time freedom?

To wise choices!



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