How to Delegate the right way

Delegate the right way Agnese Rudzate productivity strategist mentor coach

Stop feeling guilty and start trusting others.

I’ve been there myself. I felt like I don’t deserve to even have things that I could potentially delegate or outsource because I thought that it would make me less of an achiever. My mind said that I should be able to do all this by myself, but my brain new that it will lead to constant overwhelm and overwork. 

Delegation can take many different forms, and each option depends on your business and your needs.

"Whatever system you choose for your business it needs to be able to grow and change as your needs grow and change." - Agnese Rudzate

The two most common ways are to hire an employee or outsource to an independent contractor such as a virtual assistant.

To avoid my trial and error along the way I want to introduce you to a couple of points to take into consideration when planning to delegate and help you to figure out what is best to outsource.

Why delegate?

By delegating you’re not only giving yourself time to focus on your most vital business activities, but you’re alleviating some of the pressure of always doing everything yourself.

The big starting point is TRUST.

Delegation requires trust and that is something that for many women doesn’t come naturally. Plus it is even harder to build trust when you’re overloaded already. And to be sure that your money is well spent (because you are paying to whoever is completing your delegated tasks), you need to understand the technicalities of those tasks.

To be confident in your delegating decisions, there are a couple key elements to delegate the right way

  1. What to delegate? 

Remember that you are paying for this, so make sure to delegate important, well-defined tasks that are bringing results. 

      • Let’s be honest – you are not a genius at everything. The good news – you don’t have to be. There are so many people other ready to help, dive deep, and really make it for, all you need is trust in them. So first take a look at your business processes and notice what doesn’t bring you joy. No one loves every task equally, and if there are things you find yourself avoiding because you just don’t like doing them, it could be something you could delegate.
      • Things that can’t be automated. Anything repetitive can be automated, which saves not only time but also money. There is no pint on waisting someone else’s time and your money on things that you can give to an internet-robot helper. If technologies scare you, you’re not alone, but the good news is that everything is figuroutable as Marie Forleo states.
      • Things that can’t be eliminated. This might sound scary but is crucial to greater success in time freedom and business profits. Did I already mention that you are wasting your money and someone else’s’ time by delegating unimportant tasks that doesn’t bring real results? Not everything is important, not everything needs your personal attention and not everything is supposed to be on your shoulders. Take some weight off by clearing your business activities from unimportant tasks.

2.  Whom to delegate?

You might already have a small team or at least a Virtual Assistant. What to keep in mind here is that each team member has different strengths. By learning those along with weaknesses will highly increase their work efficiency and quality. You want for them to perform their best because this is your business we are talking about. 

"Successful delegation, to someone who’s ready and able to complete the work, will help you build trust for future assignments." - Agnese Rudzate

At the end of the day, you and your team are the ones building your business. I probably don’t have to remind you that it is crucial to choose the right team. Be specific in your requirements when hiring, ask for a specific skill set to be sure they will meet the requirements for the job to be done smoothly.


3. How to Delegate?

Crystal Clear Communication is key here. I’m convinced most people to want to do a good job, but they may need to know what you consider to be a job well done. This means clearly articulating exact steps from start to finish and explaining what are your expectations as far as each step of the process. If you can get clear on that, preferably in writing, then you can give them something to look out for if they have questions. A face-to-face explanation is great, but write directions can hilly save your time and misunderstandings.

Now, are you ready to delegate?

Let me know down below what obstacles you have had to overcome before delegating?

And I would love to hear what are you most likely to delegate or outsource in your business?

Here’s to taking charge of our time and getting clear on our strength to be able to delegate areas of weaknesses. 

Talk soon!


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