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How come that some lightbulbs hits you like a rock while others seem to never arrive.

This as a story about my lightbulb moment, kind of… You are wondering why kind off? For so long I have wished for a miracle, some sudden falling start to come upon and enlighten me, but it just didn’t happen in they way I was expecting it to – with sudden/ out of nowhere realisation.  

Since I remember myself I have been a planner, I liked structure and I believed that organizing our private space the right way can help us achieve anything we want, weather that may be love, money, heath… you name it! Surely clutter would not help here – it simply doesn’t let new energy  come in to our lifes and change it for better. 

But lets starts from the beginning…

I am honestly the most organized person I know in. Well… maybe I don’t know that many people :). But because I consider myself organized, I have realised that  I just notice other peoples clutter and that was driving me crazy for a while and let me elaborate.

Whenever I used to go to someones home I could see straightaway the clutter they kept, the disorganisation of their stuff and the stuck energy all it held. Then I would compare it to their lives and I could see some common areas which has made me curios since then. In my mind I would get rid of that and enjoy the free space created. However in real life it is not all that simple.  I can, orfcourse, do what ever I want in my mind, but when it comes to actually talking to people about maybe, possibly getting rid of some of it, there is a huge resistance, simply because they just like their stuff!

And this made me even more curios of to what is is that keeps people so attached to their belongings. Is it simply because they like their stuff? Well…  not entirely. As it turns out there are layers and layers of emotions that make us attached to stuff we have, not even talking about physical needs of them (or at least we think we need it all).

Now I look at my things quite sceptically and try my best to keep only what makes me happy, but I know the feeling of attachment, because I have been there too. Resistance have played a huge part in my life as well. I resisted what I feared from and kept attracting more things that I did not wished for (at least not consciously). Mostly I resisted changes because I was afraid of letting go. But I can tell you one thing  – it didn’t serve me. This is why I can surely say that it is not serving you too! But don’t worry, I am here for you and will lead you every step of the way to your new path.  

I have made a conscious decision to not let fear stop me and keep me stuck anymore. We all know way too well that “What you resist persists”, and this is something we neither wan’t or need. 

Only you have the skill set, talent and power to create what you most want.

My journey started when I looked back at my life – my strengths, my weaknesses, what have I achieved, what is important to me. And… I realised something that seemed quite not that important at first, but what turned out bigger than I expected: I lived abroad and visited my family twice per year. When ever I used to go home or on vacation, for this matter, I would plan my trips very detailed – book necessary appointments, fit in all I wanted to do in that amount of time that I had. And you know what? I achieved all that I had planned out… I was wondering if this would be something to apply in my daily life to achieve greater things. So I did just that- organized my life towards success. 

And I am here to help you do the same! My biggest advice to you is to notice when the lightbulb moment hits you and do not ignore it for your life. DO NOT BE AFRAID and wonder too much what others will think. I know it is easier said than done, but once you actually start practicing that, it will change your life FOREVER! And please don’t be upset if your lightbulb moment hasn’t arrived. Rest assured that it is on it’s way and who knows, it might slide in as calmly as mine. 

Comment below if you wish to share your “lightbulb moments” to inspire others. I read every single comment. 

Best of success, 


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