Work efficiently, even when everyone’s at home..

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Work efficiently,

even when everyone's at home..

A lot of things have changed for so many of us and I have to say that this worldwide “Situation” will stay in our memories for some time.

While many of you have been working form home before, things still might be quite different for one reason – all your family is at home with you!

That might be something new – now you have to adapt and be able to work while everyone’s at home.. Meaning, you have to make sure they are allowing you to work, you have to find time for them and for yourself as well.

So let me give you couple of suggestions on how to work more efficiently from home..

Kindly note...

We each are in slightly different situation in our lives, in our homes, in our businesses. That being said, since we all have to be at home now, the following tips might highly increase your work productivity. Be aware that not all of them will be applicable to you, so take what resonates and leave the rest.

1. Work from home is still a work, so treat it like one. It is so easy to get lazy, sleep in, get to your laptop in pjs. Lets be honest here – that will not grow your business, increase produtivity and inspire your family. So get up at the same time, do your morning routine, get dressed and treat your work from home like a real work.

2. Set a time for your work. Start and FINISH time. That will prepare you mentally to work more effectively.  This will also give your family a structure to respect, so you can fully concentrate on what needs to be done and use the time solely on your work. Establish your office hours and communicate your expectations with anyone who are at home with you.. That will help you keep the focus on work. And for your family members that will signal that seriousness of what you do. 

“It is much more productive to work in a structure than chaos.” - Agnese Rudzate

3. The space you work in is supper important. I speak more about that in my video here. But in short, your working place either motivates you or it doesn’t. So to work more productively during the time that you have set for yourself, the space you work in needs to be inviting, motivating, inspiring or making you feel how you want to feel when you are in the process of creation. It involves a lot of basic things like lighting, plants, vision board, etc. Do what ever makes you inspired.

Side note: Having an office space might work for some, but there are times when you just feel stuck. What to do? If it is possible, change your work place. Sit on a couch or work on a balcony to mix things up and to get inspired and uplift your mood. As long as these changes doesn’t distract you, your are good to go.

4. Take a break and move around at least every hour. Sitting too long by your computer will lower your focus, motivation and inspiration. So try to sand up and move around, stretch, make a tea, go and soak up some sun on the balcony, just move. But if you really want to shake off the routine – do quick running in place, frog jumps or dance. That will for sure shake of all distractions. 

5. While background music doesn’t work for me, it might be a great motivator for you. I have spoken with many women who are using inspiring music to help them focus and get in to the mood. Something to try, if you have not already..

6. As difficult as it might be to concentrate when working form home, begin your working day with most important tasks. Like that you will jump start your day efficiently and the rest will follow in alignment with your energy. Schedule your calls, meetings in the afternoon, after your have finished your most important tasks. If work from home is new to you, try to do video calls instead of phone calls — that way you will get can more connection and some social interaction.

7. Don’t let the online space be the first thing you do in the morning – that will highly distract you from your most important tasks. Create first, then consume. You’re phone should be put on silent during your work. And if you think that your phone doesn’t distract you, think again and be honest with yourself and write down every time you are trying to work and end up scrolling your IG? A great way how to avoid this distraction is to schedule times for when you check emails and social media. 


I hope that some of these tips could increase your productivity and inspire to grow your business even when everyones is at home 🙂

Feel free to add any tips in the comment to support each other and inspire to achieve even more…

Here’s to your productivity even working from home with everyone else being at home at the same time… 



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