Rich Vs. Wealthy

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Rich vs. Wealthy

Which path to choose?

We all have our unique way of reaching goals. How quick and efficient we can achieve what we most desire depends on one thing only – our mindset. It’s a tricky thing, but once you look deeper, you will notice that our mind leads the way. So it is only up to you what to choose – rich or wealthy.

“It is your choice - rich or wealthy.” - Agnese Rudzate

The other day I had a lady on the phone and we where chatting about mindset and how it affects pretty much everything we do. Our discussion became quite heated (in a calm way 😉 ) when we disagreed on 2 words – She was sure that RICH is the same a WEALTHY, however I have always believed that they have a very different meaning.  I have thought that being wealthy means that a person is rich in all areas in life, weather that would be finances, health, love or relationships. To prove me wrong she said to Google it, because we of course know that Google has all the answers. So I did. And really, the answer was: an abundance of valuable possessions or money. But this was not what I have believed in and refused to be sucked in to the poor mindset. So we agreed to disagree.

But this conversation got me thinking  and wanting to learn more about the two and how thriving to gain one or the other affects our lives. O boy! I did not know where I was getting myself in to! There is so much out there on this subject, every second person has an opinion on it, every guru has talked about it…

Turns out we where both wrong..

From the endless information that I have gathered it seems that being Wealthy has more to do with financial freedom. That means you have created sustainability for your wealth. You’ve either saved enough that you don’t need to work every day to sustain your lifestyle or you’ve built up enough residual, passive income sources that you’re getting paid in your sleep.

While being Rich can last for a hot second and vanish without trace.

blog rich vs wealthy Agnese rudzate coaching online business
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At the end of my research what I have gathered put in simple words is this: Wealth is how long a person can survive without any new cash inflow. It’s not about what you can buy. It’s about your ability to sustain your existence without working.

And that got me thinking what I want for my life. But then I realized that I have already been taking the path to wealth, because everything I do is with one thing in mind: I want to have time freedom running my business and not spending 24/7 doing that! All am Im doing now for my self and for my clients is to help them create that wealth they have dream of. It’s is not at all about becoming rich, but it is becoming free (financially and time-wise) and live the life on your own terms.

Let me know your thoughts on this topic!

Are you on the path to become rich or wealthy? And is it different in your opinion?



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