Get organized to save money

Get organized to save money Learn how highly disorganisation in your personal space affects your financial situation and learn solutions on how to turn that around.

Get organized to save money

Learn how highly disorganisation in your personal space and mind affects your financial situation and learn solutions to turn that around

If you have read my previous blogs and are familiar with my work, you have noticed what emphasis I put on our personal space and how it affect us. I have spoken over and over again about how our organized or disorganized physical space impacts our mood, energy, thoughts, stress level and many many more things, in one (or three) words, our overall well being.

“Our personal space reflects on our life.” - Agnese Rudzate

If you have not realised that before, I would like to open your eyes on this subject in hopes that you can highly improve your financial situation by getting more organized, because our personal space reflects on our life, like does our thoughts and actions, so let’s make it count and create that life we want!

Let me elaborate and introduce you to couple things that does affect your financial situation. To help you deal with those nasty habits that block money from coming in, I have added also solution to every situation.


It can be quite frustrating when you need something, but can’t find it, because you or someone else have misplaced it. It could be done unintentionally because of rush, ignorance or maybe things get misplaced, because they don’t have a designated place! I can tell you that if a thing is not in its place, it could be anywhere. But most importantly you loose time searching, which leads to all kinds of problems – frustration, mood changes, nothing important gets done etc, etc. This is why it is so important to designate places for what is important, because it is what will make your life easier, more convenient, less stressful. Surely you can agree that misplacing things you need can highly affect your mood and the overall energy. Meaning, if you are operation in low vibration, your will get exactly that in return. Don’t think for a second that being angry, disappointed, mad, frustrated will make cash flow in to your wallet.

misplacing solution Get organized to save money Learn how highly disorganisation in your personal space affects your financial situation and learn solutions on how to turn that around.
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It will make life easier for you and your family members, because it is much easier to organise your life once you know where things are when you need them.


You are constantly wasting your precious time while looking for things that you need in that moment. That precious time and energy that you could spend on creating that life of your dreams. But instead you reorganise your mess every time you need to find something. The old saying that Time is Money could not be more relevant here. Your time is valuable and you should treat it accordingly. Respect your time and it will respect you. There is no such thing as too little hours in a day. There is just the right amount. The question is, how wisely are we using it?

mess solution Declutter first and you will be left with less stuff to organize, clean and tidy up.
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To show you the road map, listen to my free audio training of haven’t done so already. There you will learn clear guidance where and with what to start to keep your order in place long term.


When your are trying to do everything at the same time, the truth is, that nothing meaningful gets done. Here I can speak form my experience, because I am a multitasker. Not that it is something bad. In fact it can work in your favour many times, however when it comes to work, it’s not the best solution. Sure, you can paint your nails and talk on the phone while watching TV, but listening to the podcast while trying to focus on your to-do list will not work. I had to learn how to control this habit and make it work in my favour. And I have to say that it is easier said than done. If you are a multitasker like me, embrace it, instead of trying to quite this special power. By that I mean, make the most out of it in the situation where it is absolutely necessary, but when it comes to your work, try and focus on one thing at a time. Because once we loose focus and get distracted it might not be as easy to go back to that state of inspiration and effortless work flow. Believe me, I have been there (many times).

multitasking solution Prioritise your tasks, make a plan and stick to it. Once you organise your day according to your plan and respect it, you will be surprised how much can be done in short amount of time with respect to your priorities. Leave other tasks aside while you are completing one.
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Us women like to multitask, but by trying to do everything at the same time, will only lead you to burn-out and frustration. And eventually the quality of your work will lower and money flow will suffer.


This nasty little inner peace wrecker doesn’t let us be in the moment, in the “now”. Sometimes it is so quite and almost invisible that we barely notice that it is even there. That is until we our eyelid starts to shake, our heart pumps too fast and we can’t not shake that pen or leg. If our personal space distracts us and highly affects our focus, it also affects our productivity and efficiency and eventually the money flow. So get to work and make your work space neat and distraction free. If that alone is not enough and you would like profound, long lasting results no matter the environment you are in, there is a great way to make that happen.

stress solution Meditation has endless benefits. However the results are not immediate (at least for most part), they are so profound and long lasting.
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#20minutesdailymediationchallenge is something I highly recumbent doing. I know that you might think that you don’t have time for this, your might be too busy, in that case, you should meditate for and hour daily. Don’t rush in to it, move slowly, but do it consistently, this is where magic happens.


If you are living within clutter it means you are either purchasing things you do not need, or you are not treating the things you have with the respect they deserve. Then tell me, why should the universe, or whoever you believe in, trust you with more money, when you don’t respect the money that you have been given. You have to realise that more money brings more responsibility, which means that in order to earn that money flow, start to respect and appreciate what you already have. Be grateful and thankful for what has been given to you until now and every time you buy something new, buy it with respect.

clutter solution Every day say Thank You for the things you have. If you can't appreciate some of those things, you most probably don't need them.
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Clear your home, make space for new things to come in to your life, that would also include money. If you want to start right now, read my other article on Things you can get rid of right now here

I want you to take a bid deep breath and take a moment to think through what you have just read. It is important that we look at our physical space with clear head, because only then we see things for what they are. You don’t have to feel like you have already lost this battle. All the solutions mentioned above are doable and believe me when I say that only you have that power, skill set and talent to make your personal space bring out the goddess you are.

You are powerful and more capable than you think. Now you just need to go and do it 🙂

I hope that together we can help more women to get their personal space together by sharing decluttering tips, advices and actions to take towards clarity and confidence. If you believe that someone might benefit from this article, hit that “share” button bellow and let’s make more women realise that they can achieve what they set their mind to.

Let me know in the comments your habits, actions, thoughts that kept you stuck. Remember that realising them is the first step to let them go for good.

I would be happy to learn if any of those solutions have helped you to increase or stabilise your money flow. Don’t hesitate to share in the comments or in a quick email. 



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