Declutter your home for well deserved clarity

Declutter your home for well deserved clarity Agnese Rudzate organizing blog

Declutter your home for well deserved clarity

The space where we spend most of our time affects our mood, energy, productivity, focus etc.

Before I dive in to the importance of our personal space, I wanted to mention that I am personally very passioned about helping more women to become more comfortable and confident, by decluttering home and mind so they could become, basically unstoppable. And yes, I believe that our mess in our space (home, office) does affect our ability to think clearly, to work efficiently, with productivity and ability to focus on what is important. So, yes, it does affect our whole LIFE!

In the title I added well deserved, because we need to realise that we are worthy and deserving of all the good things that came, are coming and will come in to our lives and that would include, clarity, peace of mind, relaxation  or what ever that is for you. 

1. How organized space can take you to the next level?

Let me repeat myself to emphasize how important this is: your space and that would be the physical place where you spend most of the time, reflects on your life. It could be your home, your work place, your office.

The environment where you are creating your dream life is supper important and therefore in that place should only be things that make you happy, lifts you up, helps you get centred and focused. And once you have that, you will flow with ease, inspiration will come effortlessly which will make you calmer, not worried, more grounded and peaceful. And that is everything!

But don’t forget that you need to find what works for you. I always say that not everything is for everyone, you need to find what works for you. And that is the beauty of it, because we are all so unique in our dreams, needs and abilities.

Now when there is so much information hitting us on every corner, there are so many distractions out there, but most importantly in here (our mind), it doesn’t let us to focus. 

Surely the mess on your working desk doesn’t help you concentrate. When you are moving the papers around, trying to find that one where you wrote that important thing so you would not forget it. It wastes your time and energy. That precious time and energy that you could spend on creating your dream life instead of reorganising your desk trying to get some work done. This is how you loose your productivity, your efficiency. 

2. What is clutter and how it keeps you stuck?

Clutter is something that keeps us stuck in a way that it doesn’t let the energy change in your home, because all of those things are not serving you any more, but they are still there. And if something doesn’t serve you, it serves someone or something else. But you want, or should want, is to surround yourself with things that makes you feel better, are there when you need them, serves their purpose, makes your life easier.

Its like with people. If you want to grow and evolve, you can’t surround yourself with people that constantly moan and bring you down. The same is with your space. If something is bothering you – take it away, give it to someone who will appreciate it, give it to charity, recycle. There are so many options!

But for some the problem is not giving stuff away as much as it is to knowing which stuff to give away. What I have noticed is that people can’t define what is the clutter for them. For each and everyone of us it might be a different thing.

While there are some items that are quite obviously a clutter, like expired medicine, broken plates, dead batteries, there are also those that we keep for what ever reason and might not realise that they are still things that serves us no purpose what so ever.

If whenever you are in doubt I have a 5 question solution for you.

By answering them you will get very clear very quickly on what stuff needs to leave your space.


help yourself to declutter clarity Agnese Rudzate organizing

3. How Cleared space effects you, your work, your productivity.

Once I declutter, I have immediate sense of relief and freedom. I have more space to breathe and create. My advice to you is to declutter first, before you dive in to organising, reorganising, tidying up, cleaning. 


You may say that while you are clearing, organizing, tidying up you will not get any work done. This is very true. But when you do get to work, you will be more productive than ever. Because there won’t be a thing that takes our focus away!

You probably have heard of a saying: Where focus goes, energy flows. So make yourself a distraction free place where you can focus on what is important.

Please don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that you should take everything out of your office and sit in a white box so there is nothing else you can focus on except your computer screen to be the most productive.

If your work space is important to you for creating that life that you want, it’s important that you feel what ever you want to feel in there.

Weather that would be super productivity, calmness, maybe relaxation or motivation. Choose what works for you, experiment, try to get rid of couple of things today that no longer serve their purpose and see how the energy shifts.

But I have to say that while organizing and decluttering has a very immediate effect on your mood, there are more things that can help you lead you to a place of ease, peace and clarity. And here I would just like to mention some of them that I have found very useful myself.

4. Other great practices to clear your mind

You have probably hear of meditation and it’s endless benefits. 

Also I can suggest to keep yourself away from internet for 1 day a week to have that time for yourself, your family, because you need to regenerate to dive in the next day with full force. #unplugyoursef

Writing is another great way to clear your head and get to know yourself better and finally, movement. Your brain needs oxigen, your posture will highly benefit from a bike ride, yoga or other way in which you choose to move you body. 

More about above mentioned action you can take toward better mental clarity you can find out here

Declutter your home for well deserved clarity Agnese Rudzate organizing blog
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While we are all so unique, there are proven methods to help us get what we want, need and long for. Don’t underestimate your power and ability to get where you need to be. When ever you feel stuck, use decluttering as a peace making practice to instantly shift energy and feel more free.

I hope this short insight in to decluttering benefits have given you confidence and motivation to move towards bigger clarity in your life.

Please let me know if there is another great practice that you have find beneficial for yourself, others might find it helpful as well.



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Declutter your home for well deserved clarity Agnese Rudzate organizing blog

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How tidying up can help to change energy in your house?

Agnese Rudzate organzing clarity house energy clearing

How to change the energy in your house

to feel calmer and move towards clarity

Every one of us at some point in our lives have felt stuck, helpless and confused. While there are many things you can do to change that situation, they all take quite a time to see the first results. However there are many things you can do right now to change your mood by starting to change energy in you house.

Continue reading if you want to know how to turn negative in to positive. If you will pay attention to these suggestions and use them (or some of them) wisely in your home, you will notice immediate energy shift. In other words, you will feel calmer, more relaxed, because you will make the bad energy go out the window (literally). 

Here we go:

    1. Take a look around and notice of things that you surround yourself with makes you feel good? Maybe there is something that just drives you crazy every time you look at it? It might be a vase that was a gift years ago or painting that has a wrong colour palette. Every item in you house has it’s specific energy. You can tell if that energy suits you if it makes you feel good. Depending on that certain things can either give you power, strength and motivation or block it. You should not keep anything in house that does not give you a good feeling. Even if you can’t explain what is it with that vase that you do not find attractive, if it does make you happy, it is not right for you. 
    2. How often do you open the windows to let the fresh air in? The breeze that goes trough rooms changes the energy very quickly and not only gives you more oxygen, but also clears the space even if you don’t fiscally see it. Take a big deep breath in and let the fresh air surround you.

3. Do you have dust on things where you can’t clean them of easily enough? High shelfs are the best dust and stuck energy collectors. If you are someone who really hates to clean dust (I hear you, because I am one of them too), there can be several solutions to make your life easier. For example, you can use decorative boxes, choose more closed cabinets instead of the open ones and use drawers. In other words, your worst enemy is open shelfs with too many things, because it just takes ages to clean each and every peace. 

To get some ideas, you can see my board on Pinterest:

4. There is one thing that all have us have had or have in our homes and it is broken, damaged dishes. These are also one of those things that like to stick to negative energy, so if it is permanently broken  – get rid of it. You also should not keep damaged vases, plates, glasses, clocks and other stuff. Take them out of your house and see how energy switches. 

5.   Essential oils can be a great help to change the mood, clear smells, calm the mind and switch to positive energy. Diffuser here can be of great use, otherwise you can use oils to your skin. Citrus, rosemary, lavender, eucalyptus, teeter oils will be your friends to get in to better mood.

6. My personal favourite things of all is to move furniture around. If your space allows that, it is one of the greatest changes you can physically make to completely get rid of all negative energy, because by moving things around, you don’t let them get stuck in one place. That doesn’t allow energy to get stuck there either. 

P.S. This works wonders with kids. They love to play around and by moving their furniture, you will create a completely new playground and make them so much more excited. 

There are other things that you can use to change the energy in your home if you are in to them, like crystals. Some of them are specially used to clear out negative energy. For example, BLACK TOURMALINE is a very powerful  stone that protects against negativity of all kinds, ROSE QUARTZ replaces negative energy with Positive. Choosing to put them next to your electric appliances you will nicely balance the energy. Other things to brighten up your space you could use are bells. As the sound vibrations disperse blocked energy, the sweet chimes work to uplift the fresh energy. 

Even if you don’t think that your house has a negative energy, it is worth to use one or more of my suggestions to clear your space anyways, because sometimes we get so busy in our lives, that we do not pay attention to things we don’t see.  We assume they don’t affect us and not knowingly we let them take over. Only once we see the shift in positive direction, we realise how bad it actually was before.  

I hope that my suggestions will help you to clear your space from that negative energy that inevitably accumulates in our homes.

Have you got any more to add to this list? I’d love to hear them. Tell me your best tips in the comments below. I can’t wait to read them!



What to know how to organize anything?

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Things you can get rid of right now

tidy home organizing clearing agnese rudzate


Tidy 4 main areas in your house and enjoy the freedom

I am a true believer that clutter takes the best out of us and blocks new energy to come in to our lives. This is why it has been so important in my life to de-clutter from time to time to create that precious space for new opportunities. It is great if you do a spring cleaning, however I encourage you to take that action monthly and see how your world changes. I am suggesting this because the more we do it, the more we get rid off, which means that there will be less distractions in our already busy lives.  

First time de-cluttering might seem like you are throwing away a lot of things, most probably things that you obviously don’t need anymore, for example junk mail, expired medicine, stained clothes. However once you get yourself in to habit of de-cluttering your stuff frequently, you will be able to see more clearly what you really need therefore getting rid of more and more each time. Trust me,  before you know it, you will be left with nothing but everything that you truly need so you can focus your mind on what is important to you.

I would like to start with Living room as it is a common area for clutter to shop up as everyone in the family are using this room, including your guests. Here are a list of things to get rid of right now:

      • Junk mail – unsubscribe from receiving them at all if all you do is look at them and put aside after receiving.
      • Old magazines – you have read them, give them to someone who haven’t.
      • Books you’ve outgrown – it is time to give them second life – donate.
      • Stained or worn throw pillow covers and trows – they just do not look pretty anymore.
      • Broken pens and markers – what is the use of that?
      • Filled notepads and notebooks – they are filled.

Let’s continue with your Kitchen since this is the place, I believe, most hard to organize, because there  are just so many things, places to hide things and things in to things. But let’s start with couple of obvious items that have served their time in your kitchen:

      • Expired coupons – there is no need for those anymore, right?
      • Plastic lids or containers that don’t have a “friend” – it is hard to use them without their best half. 
      • Unused cookbooks – give them to your friends or someone you know would appreciate them.
      • Expired foods – obviously, right? You do not want to get food poisoning.
      • Chipped or damaged dishes – you will not have space for new things if you keep piling up the old ones.
      • Unused flower vases – yes, I know, we keep them to use some day, but be real here – you only need couple.

Moving on, let’s go to you Bathroom and see what can be done there to make it less cluttered and more spacious. This is such an important place to keep tidy as it is where you are getting rid of all the dirt and in my opinion you can’t clean yourself well enough in a cluttered space (it just makes no sense):

      • Expired medicine – no use of that anymore anyways.
      • Old makeup – using it might cause some pretty ugly consequences.
      • Old nail polish – unless you know some tricks to make it new again, get rid of it.
      • Old or stained towels – find another use for them, otherwise they don’t belong in your bathroom.
      • Hair accessories – they used to be in fashion, not anymore.

Last place I would like to point out in today’s blog is the place where you spend most of your time, the most precious time, because nothing is more important than a good night sleep. Yes, I am talking about your Bedroom:

      • Clothes that don’t fit – if they are in good condition, give them to someone in need.
      • Stained, worn, unused bed linen – your sleep will be much deeper knowing you are sleeping on good sheets.
      • Stained or worn clothes – you will not wear them anyways.
      • Mismatched and worn socks – believe me, you will feel much better once they are out of your closet. 
      • Broken jewellery – let’s be honest, you will never fix them.

Now when you have an actual list where to start from, I suggest you do not waste any time and get to work ASAP, because only you can create that space that best suits your needs. 

I hope that this post have helped you to realise how many thing you have been keeping for no reason as they do no have real use in your life. 

If you have found this article useful, please share your thought below to inspire others to clear their home as well. 

Best of success, 


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What to know how to organize anything?

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