[INTERVIEW] Fundamentals of successful coaching business with Vicki Chisholm

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[INTERVIEW] Transformational Life and Biz Coach Vicki Chisholm

Fundamentals of successful coaching business that impacts thousands

There are many powerful women out there who have shown great strength and ability to lead by example and follow their path no matter the obstacles. Many times we create these road block for ourselves and wonder why are we stuck. It is not always easy to notice that and push past it. BUT once you do – sky is the limit.

Meet Vicki, a mum of 3, a former Virtual Assistant who rides motorbike for fun. But her main passion is supporting women in business – ”When I closed my VA Business I knew it was time for change. I was suffering, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Anxiety, Burn Out, Depression, PTSD from domestic abuse and so much… My journey  to where I am now began. I transformed my life and career and now get the pleasure of showing women how they can do that too!” EXCITING STUFF, isn’t it?

Fundamentals of successful coaching business that impacts thousands with Vicki Chisholm.

Vicki is a Transformational Life and Biz Coach who empowers women from the inside out to gain clarity and follow their hearts through coaching and holistic therapies. 

Key ingredients to success.

As a successful coach Vicki is clear on her key ingredients for having a productive work where the attention goes only in business growth direction. That is not possible with clarity around what it is that you truly want, because only then you are able to take steps to move. “If you don’t have clarity the fear and stuckness will hold you back and cause procrastination – We all know that feeling!” – Vicki.

But that’s not all. “No distraction policy” with a time limit is a non negotiable to reach goals for Vicki. And I could not agree more! Distractions take out attention away not letting us focus on the tasks that can potentially bring in thousands. Which leads to third ingredient on Vicki’s success path – Prioritise your tasks, what are your MAIN 3 tasks for the whole day – these tasks will move you forward – Example: Cleaning the house or putting on an extra load of washing is not going to move your business forward. Do it later, not in your business time. Doing an email campaign, writing a blog or calling that potential client etc… are the business growth tasks you really want to prioritise.”

The art of prioritizing

Vicki loves a productive day, but it doesn’t just happen by itself. Prioritizing comes in handy to really nail that day on your productivity scale. It’s one of those days when all the BIG tasks I’ve set myself are complete. I can then close down the day and relax. A productive day for me consists of: Marketing, Clients, regular breaks and Business Building tasks.” – Vicki. To make that a reality for yourself, take Vicki’s example and regularly review where you’re at and what needs to be done next: “For example: If my blog didn’t get done yesterday that is a priority. If a client has been quiet, I know I need to check in with them. I set myself checklist each month / week and plan my week ahead every Sunday. So the main priority tasks are existing clients, nurturing new leads and  marketing, then I look at business development. If my automation has a hiccup this would then become a priority and so forth.”

"Productive day - It’s one of those days when all the BIG tasks I’ve set myself are complete." - Vicki Chisholm

Never the less is it important to know your productivity flow and engage in important tasks when you are at your optimal attentive level. For moms in business it’s usually the quite moment of the day when everyone is still sleeping or when everyone is already in bed. I like to be creative in the evenings, I find it really therapeutic,  and I like to tackle ‘MUST DO’ tasks first thing in the morning.” – Vicki.

And let me just mention here that, delegating some of your tasks is a part or prioritising process and highly increases your time freedom and space to work on your genius. Choose tasks that you particularly don’t enjoy, are not good at, takes too much of your precious time and you will be on your way to a more productive day.

Tackling distractions

Distractions are the biggest time killer and worst focus enemy. To have a really productive day, we must tackle them with proven methods. While my approach might not work for everyone, it is important to experiment and notice what makes you most focused. Vicki has noticed a pattern in her life: “If I don’t prioritize self care then everything distracts as my flow becomes stagnant and I lose motivation.” It is a great reminder to all of us that we must never forget about ourselves. Because if our “cup is empty”, we are not able to share which is taking away from others to benefit.

As important as knowing your biggest distraction is understanding your motivation to make sure you are aligned with your goals and are taking action steps towards them. It might not always be clear, sometimes we procrastinate and delay by sabotaging our success. When this happens, the best is to look for someone to guide you through it: “Before I started working with a coach I wasn’t taking as much action as I am now. My coach has helped me set deadlines and getting me out of my comfort zone with a quick turn around. I love a challenge – and having someone to hold me accountable is ultimately the driving force behind me. When I didn’t have support, I just took my time, procrastinated and there was not as much prioritization.”

Energy boost

We all lack inspiration at times, our energy levels decrease and mood lowers. If you have not find your way to boost it all back up, take Vicki’s example: “Dancing. I find my power songs and hit the playlist and I turn up the volume and I DANCE! I also then reach out to my clients, and ask them what they are struggling with and if I can help them. This then gives me the nudge I need and a reminder as to why I do what I do. – To help and serve the women of the world. If it’s a little more than lacking inspiration then I access my own resources and do the inner work that is required to help me find my flow again.”

It has been my pleasure to learn Vicki’s success insights and share them with you as part of my #wisewomen blog series. 

If you want to know Vicki better, feel free to visit her homepage and join her Facebook page where she will help you with Productivity, Time Management, Accountability, Business Strategy/Systems and Mindset.

I hope you have enjoyed Vicki’s insight in to her productive work life and can take away something that resonated with you. Let me know what that is in the comments!

The one productivity tip that Vicki wanted to share for business growth is Clarity and goal setting – “When I have clarity in my business I am more focused, and my plans run a lot more smoother. I’m also then super charged to take action.”

Here’s to taking action in a productive goal oriented way that scales your business and serves thousands!



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