9-5 Illusion

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9-5 illusion

Stepping out of society's framework to take your own way

Many women in the coaching industry that I have spoken to about their own entrepreneurship beginnings have struggled to define their work structure. Things like

- How much should I be working?

We might feel free without the boss telling what and when to do certain things, but complete freedom leaves us unproductive, overworked, sleepless and burnt out eventually. Structured freedom is the way towards productive work if you want to achieve more in less time making the most income in that time frame.

- What is the best way to plan my day?

Without a clear plan, there will be a lot of multitasking, a lot of uncertainty, procrastination and tasks switching. Again, super unproductive. 

- With what to start?

 So often we have hundred ideas and hundred to-do tasks on our list. We want to do everything, because everything seems important, just to realize at the end of the day, that not much has been achieved.

All these are valid questions, concerns and occurring patterns that block potential.

It was easy to know what to do and when to do things when you had your 9-5, because you didn’t have to figure it all out on your own. There was someone who told you the rules. All you had to do was to follow them (even if you though that some them are nonsense, waste of time and completely stupid). 

"If we have 8 hours to fill, we fill 8 hours." - Agnese Rudzate

Our society is defined by a 9-5 framework, by perception that you have to work long and hard to be successful. And then, when you are working less and notice enjoying it, you kind of almost feel bad or ashamed so you hide it, doing meaningless stuff just to fill that time. Because that’s what you’re supposed to do!

Think real hard if you really need 8 hours to 

Do you need 8 hours to….

- become who you want to become?

- feel good about yourself, feel worthy?

- to show others how hard you work?

Or maybe it is the time you break those status que’s and start valuing your time for real!

Start focusing and doing ONLY what brings results.

Start prioritizing your most important tasks.

Start delegating tasks that don't require your genius.

Start decluttering your environment and mind to achieve results fast.

You don’t need 8 hours. Society needs you to work 8 hours so they can approve of you. Dare to challenge yourself and step outside your 9-5 mindset. 

What would you do with that extra time on your hands?

Would you start another project?

Would you spend more quality time with your family?

Would you travel places?

Would you dive deep into self-care?

Once you get clear on how you will fill your free time, it becomes your best motivation to create that for yourself. 

Give me a YES, if you want or are stepping out of society’s perceptions of what valued work should look like!

I would love to hear your experience starting your journey and braking status quo. 

If you are ready to break the statues quo by working the minimum and still running a striving business, join Freedom Business Formula today to get a discount!! Together we will make 4h work days your reality. 

Here’s to our own journeys that shape our success in the way WE want!

Have a lovely week!



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