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Pour yourself a cup of tea and be assured that you have done enough

I wanted to share the experience that I had at my previous work place with one of colleagues who worked at reception at the time. It made me think about our roles in helping others and how to know when you have done your best. When can you stop, breathe and move one because you are sure that there is nothing more you can do? 

My colleague was sitting behind reception welcoming clients and helping them with whatever struggle they referred to. She was one of those very honest (that is what I liked about her the most), straight forward and no BS girls. Above all she was someone who did her job very well and had no problem taking and completing more tasks during her shifts. 

One day there came a moment where it got too overwhelming by the counter – a client asked the same thing in different ways to get what he wanted. As a result she got very frustrated. You can explain client that you will not be able to hep only that many times, right?

"Not my problem!"

After saying that she closed down the counter window. At that moment I was taken back by her rudeness. This was not acceptable and I felt ashamed for her (in some way I felt responsible for her actions, because I worked in the company longer and was the one who explained her role when she started to work). However, since I came to really enjoy her company, dedication and commitment, it made me think WHAT CAN I LEARN FROM THIS? Was this attitude really that bad? Too straight forward for my taste maybe? In other words I basically started to make excuses for her in my own mind to look at this situation from other perspectives. 

You know what I came to realise? While her attitude was indeed not appropriate, we all sometimes come to the point when enough is enough and we need to start to take care of ourselves first in order to help others.

Fill up your cup first, so you can overflow and share. 

All these excuses made for her lead me to think about my own life – how many times I have people pleased, not giving myself a chance to slow down and be in peace that I have done enough. Learn form my mistakes. I can now with confidence say that:

      1. I can not solve all the worlds’ problems. We need to know our place in the world and own it. While I am so grateful for the experience that corporate world has given to me, working in service type industry just drains my energy. All different kinds of demands, requests (not always in the politest way, of course) that you are not able to fulfil just makes you feel like you are not good enough.
      2. I am enough. You do not need to scroll down your Instagram and look at those beautiful photos of perfect life’s of others and dream of having the same, because only you have the strength, power and skill set to create your life the way you want. 
      3. The time is now. Unless you start to do something about becoming self-aware, confident, enough, nothing will change. And I am talking form experience. I use to get all fired up about doing workout that my app notified me of and would decide to start next Monday or next month, but when that day came, I didn’t pull through.  You know why? Because I didn’t put myself first, I always had more important things to do. But no more!

What does it have to do with organizing, de-cluttering, tidying up, you may ask. EVRYTHING! The more confident you will feel to let things go emotionaly, the easier it will be for you tho let things go from your house. 

Make a promise to yourself right now and say it out loud:

Agnese Rudzate I am enough clarity organizing your life
Pin it!

And don’t let anyone, anyone tell you otherwise. If they do, it is just lack of their own worthiness. 

I truly hope that you will not waist any time and start the change right now, so you can thrive and fill the world with those special gifts that only you have. 

Don’t be shy to share this article if you have found it helpful or think that some one else might benefit by reading it. 

I wish you strength  and confidence to take that time for yourself and fill up your cup. 



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