How decluttering before Christmas can save you money and make your gifts original?

Agnese Rudzate christmas declutter original gift winter

How decluttering before Christmas can save you money

and make your gifts original?

Ah..this time of the year, when we go a little mad looking for presents, stressing to find the right one for everyone and not to mention staying on the budget. Although Christmas is such a magical time, it comes with a baggage of unnecessary craziness in our minds, homes and lives. 

I have a solution for you!

Take my word for it when I say that decluttering your home can highly benefit your post-Christmas common sense. 

For this year’s Christmas gifts you will use what you already have. So let’s get started so you could create original, personalised and unforgettable gifts for your loved ones, while clearing your space and mind to prepare for the celebration of your life. 

Handmade gifts from heart is what to go for this Christmas.

If you look closely around your house, You will be surprised at how many items you have lying around that you’ve never used.  Items that, by using them, will create more space in your home and save you money. 

If you are a DIY person, you most definitely have many artsy and craftsy things around the house and it will not be a problem to create something out of nothing. However, if you only like to make things from time to time, you may need some ideas.

Here are a few simple examples to get you started:


1.Empty cardboard boxes (+ fancy gift paper). They are great for storing things, however if you have many different sizes, they can be finally put to great use. If you think that they are too labeled and not appropriate to put gifts inside, label them yourself with Recycling logo and wrap a gift paper around. To make even more nature friendly, you can use newspapers as a gift wrapping paper, they look amazing! 

To get some ideas, you can see my board on Pinterest:

2.Empty glass jars. I’m sure they are pilling up in your storage space. So put them to good use and make some yummy snacks for your friends and family for Christmas. Internet is full of great ideas, what ever you think your friends will like better – honey nuts, jam, fermented veggies… It could be literally anything! To make these gifts more personal add as little note with recipe and good wishes or even your own poem. 

3.Paper. This great invention can be used in so many ways that I cant even begging to count them. Coloured paper can be used to create personalised gift cards and who cares if they don’t look as fancy as the one you can buy in shop, they are from heart and that is what matters most. We have already found a good use to newspaper in first point. Gift wrapping papers from birthdays and previous years can still be put in a good use – make christmas decorations from them (snowflakes, snowballs under the tree, re-wrap gifts or anything else that come in your mind. Again, get inspired in the endless world wide web. 


>> Remember that thoughts that you have put into creating these gifts is what matters and you friends will appreciate your effort, no doubt!

If you pay attention, you will find so many things around your house that you are able to recycle and put in a good use so they don’t take your precious space and can be recycled. 

I hope you are a little bit more inspired to declutter for recycling purposes and show the example of good will to everyone around you. 

Please let me know how are you planning to celebrate this special time and share you ideas to inspire others. 

Talk to you soon!



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