Declutter your home for well deserved clarity

Declutter your home for well deserved clarity Agnese Rudzate organizing blog

Declutter your home for well deserved clarity

The space where we spend most of our time affects our mood, energy, productivity, focus etc.

Before I dive in to the importance of our personal space, I wanted to mention that I am personally very passioned about helping more women to become more comfortable and confident, by decluttering home and mind so they could become, basically unstoppable. And yes, I believe that our mess in our space (home, office) does affect our ability to think clearly, to work efficiently, with productivity and ability to focus on what is important. So, yes, it does affect our whole LIFE!

In the title I added well deserved, because we need to realise that we are worthy and deserving of all the good things that came, are coming and will come in to our lives and that would include, clarity, peace of mind, relaxation  or what ever that is for you. 

1. How organized space can take you to the next level?

Let me repeat myself to emphasize how important this is: your space and that would be the physical place where you spend most of the time, reflects on your life. It could be your home, your work place, your office.

The environment where you are creating your dream life is supper important and therefore in that place should only be things that make you happy, lifts you up, helps you get centred and focused. And once you have that, you will flow with ease, inspiration will come effortlessly which will make you calmer, not worried, more grounded and peaceful. And that is everything!

“Your personal space reflects on your life.” - Agnese Rudzate

But don’t forget that you need to find what works for you. I always say that not everything is for everyone, you need to find what works for you. And that is the beauty of it, because we are all so unique in our dreams, needs and abilities.

Now when there is so much information hitting us on every corner, there are so many distractions out there, but most importantly in here (our mind), it doesn’t let us to focus. 

Surely the mess on your working desk doesn’t help you concentrate. When you are moving the papers around, trying to find that one where you wrote that important thing so you would not forget it. It wastes your time and energy. That precious time and energy that you could spend on creating your dream life instead of reorganising your desk trying to get some work done. This is how you loose your productivity, your efficiency. 

2. What is clutter and how it keeps you stuck?

Clutter is something that keeps us stuck in a way that it doesn’t let the energy change in your home, because all of those things are not serving you any more, but they are still there. And if something doesn’t serve you, it serves someone or something else. But you want, or should want, is to surround yourself with things that makes you feel better, are there when you need them, serves their purpose, makes your life easier.

Its like with people. If you want to grow and evolve, you can’t surround yourself with people that constantly moan and bring you down. The same is with your space. If something is bothering you – take it away, give it to someone who will appreciate it, give it to charity, recycle. There are so many options!

But for some the problem is not giving stuff away as much as it is to knowing which stuff to give away. What I have noticed is that people can’t define what is the clutter for them. For each and everyone of us it might be a different thing.

While there are some items that are quite obviously a clutter, like expired medicine, broken plates, dead batteries, there are also those that we keep for what ever reason and might not realise that they are still things that serves us no purpose what so ever.

If whenever you are in doubt I have a 5 question solution for you.

By answering them you will get very clear very quickly on what stuff needs to leave your space.


help yourself to declutter clarity Agnese Rudzate organizing
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3. How Cleared space effects you, your work, your productivity.

Once I declutter, I have immediate sense of relief and freedom. I have more space to breathe and create. My advice to you is to declutter first, before you dive in to organising, reorganising, tidying up, cleaning. 


“The less stuff we have, the less distractions are taking our attention away, which means we can focus on what is important to us.”

You may say that while you are clearing, organizing, tidying up you will not get any work done. This is very true. But when you do get to work, you will be more productive than ever. Because there won’t be a thing that takes our focus away!

You probably have heard of a saying: Where focus goes, energy flows. So make yourself a distraction free place where you can focus on what is important.

Please don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that you should take everything out of your office and sit in a white box so there is nothing else you can focus on except your computer screen to be the most productive.

If your work space is important to you for creating that life that you want, it’s important that you feel what ever you want to feel in there.

Weather that would be super productivity, calmness, maybe relaxation or motivation. Choose what works for you, experiment, try to get rid of couple of things today that no longer serve their purpose and see how the energy shifts.

But I have to say that while organizing and decluttering has a very immediate effect on your mood, there are more things that can help you lead you to a place of ease, peace and clarity. And here I would just like to mention some of them that I have found very useful myself.

4. Other great practices to clear your mind

You have probably hear of meditation and it’s endless benefits. 

Also I can suggest to keep yourself away from internet for 1 day a week to have that time for yourself, your family, because you need to regenerate to dive in the next day with full force. #unplugyoursef

Writing is another great way to clear your head and get to know yourself better and finally, movement. Your brain needs oxigen, your posture will highly benefit from a bike ride, yoga or other way in which you choose to move you body. 

More about above mentioned action you can take toward better mental clarity you can find out here

Declutter your home for well deserved clarity Agnese Rudzate organizing blog
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While we are all so unique, there are proven methods to help us get what we want, need and long for. Don’t underestimate your power and ability to get where you need to be. When ever you feel stuck, use decluttering as a peace making practice to instantly shift energy and feel more free.

I hope this short insight in to decluttering benefits have given you confidence and motivation to move towards bigger clarity in your life.

Please let me know if there is another great practice that you have find beneficial for yourself, others might find it helpful as well.



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Declutter your home for well deserved clarity Agnese Rudzate organizing blog

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