Tidy your house in 30 minutes.

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Tidy your house in 30 minutes!

Specially useful when your guests are soon to be at your doorstep

A quick swipe over sometimes can be exactly what you need, but I suggest you don’t make it your habit. As a result things on the surface will look great, but under everything will still pile up. Therefore I hope these tips will lead you to deeper cleaning once you see how much you can actually achieve in such a short amount of time.

At the end of the day, if it takes you 30 minutes to sprint through the house to make yourself and your guests more comfortable, then go for it!


1.Get clear in how big of a mess you’re really in. Go through all the rooms, but do not do this empty handed. In one hand take a bin bag for all the rubbish you see around and in other hand take a bowl or something to put dirty dishes in (they tend to appear in mystical places). Be critical – everything that should be thrown out needs to go in to the bin bag without hesitation. 

2. Every room that you enter OPEN THE WINDOW, because fresh air will keep you motivated and change the energy + you will get rid of dirty air. Now take a deep breath in and let’s continue. 

Fresh air lightens the mood and changes the energy in your house

3. Put all the little things that are just lying around your house in their places. Don’t worry if that take too much time, you can put them all in one drawer or a bag for later sorting. You can use this tactic only when in rush, because it is a dangerous habit to change later.

P.S. If you forget about those little things, remember about them a week later or do not want to look at them anymore, most likely they have served the time and can be given to people who would appreciate them more. As an alternative, they can be thrown out so they could not bother you again. 

4. After going through the rooms and collecting garbage and dirty dishes, put those things where they belong – bing bag in a bin, dirty dishes in the washing machine. In case you do not have a washing machine, put them in a sink, fill it up with water and add a dish washing soap, leave to soak. You will have time to wash them later. 

5. Go through the rooms again and close all the windows. Take a quick glance around the room and if you notice something that still needs to be put in its right place, do it. 

6. Bathroom – take all the dirty towels and put in dirty laundry bag. On all the shiny parts (tiles, sink etc.) spray the cleaning product and let it on for now. Put a cleaning liquid in a toilet and leave while completing next steps. We will come back for this!

7. Living room (the room where you will most probably welcome your guests) – fold all the blankets that are there, remote controls put in their designated places. All the newspapers and journals nicely put in one pile. 

8. Back to the kitchen. All the dishes are now nicely soaked and will be much easier and faster to wash. If a dishwasher have already done the job, congratulations, more time to do other things 🙂 Look around and if you notice other products lying around, put them in the fridge. Everything else you can put in one corner on the kitchen counter. With a humid cloth go over all the counter tops and clean also the sink. 

9. Bathroom again! Quickly wipe all the shiny parts that you did spray with a cleaning product before. Don’t forget to clean the mirror. Put the clean towels out. 

10. Door bell not ringing yet? In the short amount of time that you still have go through all the rooms again to make sure you have not missed something. 

That’s it! You did it! Imagine if you have done some much in such short amount of time, what could you do with more time and motivation?

I hope you will enjoy your time with guests and they will appreciate and respect your clean house.

If you wish to share your tips, I would be more than happy to read your experience.  Please leave a comment if this 30 minutes sprint have worked for you and share them if you think that someone might benefit. 

I wish you to create that special space that you feel comfortable in and keep it nice and tidy. 



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