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Time is something we can never get back, so it is important to use it at our best ability for quality performance. It is more important than ever to learn tools, principles and ways to use the time we have in the most effective way possible. Specially because of the high demand for increased performance in company workers. It’s for them to fill the obligation of quality work for company’s growth, client satisfaction and much more without stretch, rush and burnout. After all they are the ones holding potential for endless growth possibilities.

Now more than ever it is crucial to develop skills, learn  techniques and increase understanding of well managed time. There are so many distractions coming from so many directions, it is more challenging than ever to keep the focus and not let our attention be directed away from important business tasks. Productive work means time, distraction and workload management at the optimal level for performance that exceeds expectations.

“Don’t let your fear of changes keep you stuck in busyness, instead learn how to go from Silly Busy to Strategic & Smart”

The Next Level success strategist helping businesses increase productivity for better performance. As founder of Less is More Mentorship program, Agnese guide business owners to leverage their time and not fall into the trap of busy work with average results. 


    • Internal Communication Specialist – during her university years, Agnese has taken her chosen path to study Public Relation while building experience running internal communication processes in a construction company.
    • Quality Manager – growing professionally in the same company, Agnese had gone through layers of certifications to implement Quality Management principles in company’s very day life for more effective process and resource management.
    • Empowerment Coach – deciding to pursue the dream of using her natural skills, Agnese received her certification in Life Coaching which began the journey of creating an impact through empowerment.
    • Productivity strategist – developing further and really highlighting natural skills, Agnese’s path unfolded as Productivity strategist helping business owners level up by truly leveraging their time. Agnese has build her knowledge and experience as time management expert as well as mindset training for more effective results.
  • Agnese works on

Setting the right Processes

Simplifying Organization

Customizing Time-management plan


Managing distractions

… and so much more

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Corporate Performance training

In always growing demand for increased performance of company’s team members, this training provides tools that help develop success habits for optimal performance. With distraction overload, time-management tools are essential knowledge to create solid foundation for effective work as a proactive team member.


Depending on a coaching type, groups size can vary between 5 members up to 100. For optimal interactive coaching the groups should not be larger than 10 members to ensure the quality of training. For  lectures type coaching the groups can be larger.

Session LENGHT 

The training is held on Zoom platform with essential requirements of audio and/or video availability for each participant. The length of session depends on its type and client preference.  To ensure optimal learning experience participants must ensure they are comfortable, aren’t in a distracting place and have the necessary tools (paper, pen, water) if required.


    • 2 Week Small group interactive learning sessions for 60 minutes each week: USD 200 per participant
    • Large group lecture session: please contact us for arrangements

Small group training

$ 200 per participant
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“Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.”  – Richard Branson, CEO and founder of Virgin Group 

session outcomes

    • Help participants identify the factors that prevent them from effectively managing their time
    • Introduce techniques for determining what is important and what is not and tools for keeping track of tasks
    • Provide ways to fond clarity for effective prioritizing
    • Prepare participants to run efficient and effective meetings
    • Certificate of completion of the training

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