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Adolescence is a time of change. The changes can be so dramatic that it leaves parents wondering if what they are seeing is just typical teen behavior or cause for concern. Typical teen behavior includes many things that seem strange to parents. Dyed hair, odd piercings, strange music and even new friends are all part of growing up for some teens. And some teenagers also choose this period in life as a time to experiment. The hormonal changes in a teenager’s body can produce moodiness. A teen’s brain is still developing, so some parts of the brain that house logical thinking and memory are not fully formed and can lead to lapses of judgment and sometimes risky behavior. 

Additionally, a desire for independence and becoming one’s own person can lead teenagers to distance themselves from their families. It is important to understand that some teenage behaviors that seem bizarre to parents are a normal part of teen life, like changing appearance, reducing family time, increasing arguments, emotional ups and downs. Understanding what is acceptable and normal and what is not, is part of growing up to be successful adults in their own unique way. It’s more important than ever to learn how negative habitual patterns influence the world around us and understand how they can be replaced with positive, meaningful and powerful success habits.

“Ability to cope with both positive and negative emotions is worth investing your time.”

The Next Level success strategist helping people increase productivity for better their performance. As founder of Less is More Mentorship program, Agnese guides people to leverage their time and confidently make decisions towards their success.


    • Internal Communication Specialist – during her university years, Agnese has taken her chosen path to study Public Relation while building experience running internal communication processes in a construction company.
    • Quality Manager – growing professionally in the same company, Agnese had gone through layers of certifications to implement Quality Management principles in company’s very day life for more effective process and resource management.
    • Empowerment Coach – deciding to pursue the dream of using her natural skills, Agnese received her certification in Life Coaching which began the journey of creating an impact through empowerment.
    • Productivity strategist – developing further and really highlighting natural skills, Agnese’s path unfolded as Productivity strategist helping business owners level up by truly leveraging their time. Agnese has build her knowledge and experience as time management expert as well as mindset training for more effective results.
  • Emotional health workshop for teenagers is about guiding them to be their best versions, confidently making decisions to thrive on their own terms by understanding and respecting themselves as well as others. 


      • Age group 13- 15 years
      • Young adults going through teenage turmoil
      • Teenagers who need to gain clarity and improve self-esteem
      • Children who wish to learn how to deal with social life and pressure


      • healthy teenage development
      • what influences teenage mental health
      • techniques to ensure healthy development
      • how to deal with all kinds of pressure
      • ways on building resilience
      • responsible actions
      • expressing thoughts and emotions respectfully


For optimal interactive coaching the groups are limited to 10 participants. 

Session LENGHT 

The training is held on Zoom platform with essential requirements of audio and/or video availability for each participant. The length of each weekly session is 1 hour. To ensure optimal learning experience participants must ensure they are comfortable, aren’t in a distracting place and have the necessary tools (paper, pen, water) if required.

5 week workshop

$ 200 per participant
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