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Success is a choice. Teenagers, students and young adults setting out in the world can choose their attitude, their goals and their priorities. Many young people are bewildered by the big choices they face. They suffer from uncertainty and low self-esteem. This workshop builds ambition and self-belief. 

It is designed to lead young adults to approaching rather than avoiding challenges that builds better confidence and trust in themselves. Improved performance, decision making and ability to self-regulate are couple of advantages when taking part in this workshop.

“Confidence opens doors for any future success you have imagined.”

The Next Level success strategist helping people increase productivity for better their performance. As founder of Less is More Mentorship program, Agnese guides people to leverage their time and confidently make decisions towards their success.


    • Internal Communication Specialist – during her university years, Agnese has taken her chosen path to study Public Relation while building experience running internal communication processes in a construction company.
    • Quality Manager – growing professionally in the same company, Agnese had gone through layers of certifications to implement Quality Management principles in company’s very day life for more effective process and resource management.
    • Empowerment Coach – deciding to pursue the dream of using her natural skills, Agnese received her certification in Life Coaching which began the journey of creating an impact through empowerment.
    • Productivity strategist – developing further and really highlighting natural skills, Agnese’s path unfolded as Productivity strategist helping business owners level up by truly leveraging their time. Agnese has build her knowledge and experience as time management expert as well as mindset training for more effective results.
  • Confidence workshop is about guiding them to be their best versions, confidently making decisions to thrive on their own terms.


      • Age group 11- 14 years
      • Young adults wanting to gain more confidence in themselves
      • Teenagers who need to improve decision making and self-esteem
      • Students who wish to learn how to deal with social life and peer pressure


      • Self esteem tools to bring out authentic confidence
      • How to improve performance
      • How emotions influence impulses
      • To identify habitual negative thinking habits
      • Positive thinking habits for effective goal reaching
      • Choosing your Attitude
      • How to make Important Choices
      • How to Build Self-Belief
      • How to Set Goals


For optimal interactive coaching the groups are limited to 10 participants. 

Session LENGHT 

The training is held on Zoom platform with essential requirements of audio and/or video availability for each participant. The length of each weekly session is 1 hour. To ensure optimal learning experience participants must ensure they are comfortable, aren’t in a distracting place and have the necessary tools (paper, pen, water) if required.

5 week workshop

$ 100 per participant
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“You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

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